Employee Performance Review Questions

Engaging one-on-ones are crucial to build stronger relationships with your employees, keep them motivated, and to align their personal goals with the organisation's goals. Get rid of old performance evaluation processes and adopt an agile way of working by initiating frequent conversations with your employees about their goals, performance, well-being, and growth.

Download the most effective performance review questions to run productive one-on-ones.

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Modern performance management

Practice ongoing conversations

Discard the tradition annual/bi-annual performance reviews and make the process more dynamic for increased engagement and productivity. Being agile and flexible in your approach enables you to connect with your people on various levels and crucial touchpoints to provide a smooth employee experience throughout their lifecycle.

Ongoing conversations and systematic progress updates help both the manager and the team members work more efficiently and with better focus. On the other hand, employees feel heard and they feel invested in the success of the organisation as a whole.

Segment one-on-ones into different types of dialogues based on their purpose and duration and choose the right talking points to get the conversation going.

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