Developed for productivity and engagement

Improve remote leadership with feedback and communication

Winningtemp’s research-based, innovative platform packs a unique combination of employee engagement, satisfaction, and performance management tools in a neat, user-friendly package.

  • Improve productivity with clear goal management and accountability
  • Keep track of your employees' well-being and mental health
  • Streamline communications with documented 1:1s and follow-ups
  • Facilitate meaningful team meetings
  • Boost employee recognition with 360-degree praise
  • Increase job satisfaction and profitability

The smart platform combines automated light touch surveys with goal management, performance appraisals, and check-ins to deliver an agile way of working.

Create a cohesive, engaged, and productive remote team.

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The future of employee experience

Drive performance with AI

Winningtemp connects the dots between engagement, performance, productivity, and growth to help managers create cohesive, engaged, and high performing teams.

Companies using Winningtemp for more than one year have noticed (on average):

  •  Negative stress reduced by 26%
  • Workplace satisfaction boosted by 48%
  • Staff turnover reduced by 30%