The Science Behind Winningtemp's Survey

Together with Leif Denti, lecturer and researcher at the University of Gothenburg, we have compiled insights from more than 600 international research studies to identify the factors that most strongly predict two outcome variables: employee turnover and sickness absence.

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The research behind Winningtemp's survey questionnaire

About the whitepaper

We have identified 60 factors divided into 9 categories that are important to keep track of, amongst other things, to predict staff turnover and sick leave.

  • Autonomy
  • Leadership
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Meaningfulness
  • Work Situation
  • Participation
  • Personal Development
  • Team Spirit
  • Engagement

Inside the whitepaper:

  • An account of predictive validity - and why it has been the main focus when the question batteries were selected for Winningtemp's model.
  • An account of distal and proximal factors - and why it is important to keep track of them.
  • How Winningtemp's 9 categories correlate to predicting sick leave and staff turnover.
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