The OKR Effect ft. Bisnode

The OKR methodology has changed the course of several well-known companies, most notably Google. It's a revolutionary goal-setting technique that forces organisations to focus on the goals that matter and drive exponential growth.

OKRs are meant to inspire, to align your people with the organisation's mission and vision. However, the same rules don't apply to all companies. This principle might remain the same, but the implementation differs.

So, how can companies that run on a different scale than Google customise and adopt OKR?

Art and science behind okr

Objectives and Key Results

“Every company needs to interpret and adopt OKR differently. What worked for Google may not work for others, so it’s pointless to try and copy how Google used OKR, but rather draw inspiration from their way of thinking and customise OKR to the needs of your company.”

- Cecilia Westerholm Beer, CHRO at Bisnode.

Cecilia, and other modern HR professionals who believe in the agile way of working and driving the business forward, resort to OKR to align the entire organisation with one common purpose - the business objectives that matter.

To understand the art and science of OKR, and most importantly, how it can be adopted by SMBs and large enterprises of varied capabilities, we sat down with Cecilia for multiple knowledge-sharing sessions.

What's inside

Learn from the experienced team who succeeded in implementing OKRs into a traditional organisation. Here's a glimpse of the topics we're covering:

  • The OKR framework with examples and templates
  • Why getting executive sign-in is of utmost importance
  • The effect of OKR on company culture
  • The OKR magic that Bisnode witnessed
  • The challenges of goal-setting
  • How the hierarchy affects OKR
  • The connection between OKR and incentives
  • How to get rid of irrelevant OKRs
  • How to implement CFR (Conversation, feedback, and recognition)
  • When to drop OKRs

and more insights into how different organisations, irrespective of industry, size, growth rate, and capabilities can implement OKR by tweaking and tailoring the ideology to suit their needs.

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