Understanding Employee Engagement in 2021

It’s been more than a year since the world heard the first mentions of the coronavirus. In a short period of time Covid-19 has dramatically changed the landscape and shape of how many of us work. It has challenged us to find new ways of working with each other when we all must be apart. It has encouraged us to be resourceful and adaptable, fluid, and flexible but at what cost?

Join us as we explore how a global pandemic changed the way the world works and how we can positively move forward, putting our people first.

Emp Eng

Build a reputation for being leaders that listen

Discover the impact that Covid-19 has had on employee engagement and what you can do to support your people throughout the ongoing pandemic, and beyond. Here’s a glimpse of the topics we’re covering inside this eBook:

  • The mental health and wellbeing effects of your people from Covid-19
  • Effective leadership in times of crisis
  • Work-life balance amidst a global pandemic
  • Why compassion is your biggest Covid ally

and more insights into how a global pandemic has turned employee engagement on its head shining a spotlight on what’s most important, our people and how we can possibly go forward from here.

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