How Leaders Drive Profitability by Focusing on Employee Experience

A positive employee experience contributes to lower employee turnover, more positive share dividends, and twice as high revenue per employee. In this guide, we will demonstrate how leaders can leverage employee voice to deliver better experiences and create happier workplaces.


Scrap the annual employee surveys

The age-old annual employee satisfaction surveys have been rendered meaningless in this rapidly shifting labour market. Managers struggle to glean insights from the outdated data collected through these surveys and most of the time, the results end up in a never-to-be-seen-again pile of irrelevant information. It's time for organisations to leave this old practice behind and use modern, automated tools to understand their employees better and work on issues that affect their experience and satisfaction, in real-time. With ready-to-use insights and suggestions in their arsenal, managers can address any dissatisfaction, keep track of employee development, and eliminate any threats that can affect the well-being of the organisation.

In this guide, we are going deep into

  • The factors that affect employee experience
  • The correlation between employee experience and profitability
  • The role of HR in improving the employee experience
  • How promoting the culture of transparency, meaningfulness, and regular feedback cycles can boost employee spirit

What's inside

Understand how positive employee experience can lead to a more productive workplace where every employee performs to the best of their capabilities to improve the business bottom line.

  • Factors that affect employee experience
  • How positive employee experience generates profitability
  • How HR can improve the employee experience
  • How Google works to create a meaningful employee experience
  • The role of OKR and modern goal management
  • How leaders can get better at providing feedback

and more insights into how factors such as transparency and meaningfulness help improve job satisfaction and reduce the attrition rate.

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