Modern Performance Management

In recent years performance management has become one of HR’s
thorniest subjects, largely due to the need to revolutionise, without
purposefully doing so. Company visions and values are changing. They
are adapting to the modern, flexible world we now work in. Isn’t it time
for traditional performance practices to do the same?

agile performance management

Transform your employee experience

Employee disengagement is costing businesses across the globe billions, every single year. In a Hays survey of 2,000 employees, almost half (43%) said they’re looking for a new job, and corporate culture was the main reason.

The financial damage is staggering.

Catalyst found that for entry and mid-level positions, the cost to replace an employee is between 30% and 150% of their annual salary. For executives, this figure can rise to 400%.

Put simply, it is critical to the company that every aspect of performance management is taken seriously. Company culture, employee mental health and the sheer survival of the business depend on it. Read the guide to dig deeper into the integral factors that contribute to a modern and agile performance management framework.

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