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On a mission to connect your clients with intuitive HR technology that packs a punch and delivers ROI?

Winningtemp balances the best of both worlds: an easy interface with highly sophisticated, AI-powered techniques for measuring, analysing, and boosting employee engagement.

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Expand your technology offering to include a best-in-breed solution for enhancing employee engagement.  

Of course, engagement is just one important part of employee experience. We are more than happy to create technical integrations with the HR systems that make up the other pieces of the puzzle.

Our development team would be happy to look into a custom integration that meets the requirements of your CMS and workflow.


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AI-powered listening


The pulse of the entire organisation

Winningtemp gives you crucial insight into how the whole organisation feels and performs – from the holistic view down to the individual level.

Scan the temperature mapping of different teams, offices, or departments in an extensive matrix and analyse in-depth variations.

Based on the temperature readings, you can easily engage in dialogue with specific teams or departments to discuss improvement plans.

prediction v2

Automated insights & predictions

The intuitive, AI-powered system translates the collected data into temperature readings and actionable insights.

Team leaders get automatic notifications informing them of the strengths, improvement areas, and turnover predictions based on historical data points.

Built on AI and deep learning, this feature can detect dissatisfaction triggers and alert managers of any emerging risks.